Full-Stack JavaScript Developer - Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey Full-time

We present high-quality products at competitive prices through regional and international experience with high-level aromatic preferences. The company is committed to achieving its vision through a strong focus on customers, individuals, and innovation. We adopt the culture of modernity, innovation and continuous development in all our active elements


We are seeking to be the leading manufacturer of perfumes at the regional and international level.


Maa-althahab, from Al Masmoum Group, is one of the leading and most fragrance brands in the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 2006, the company pursued innovative thinking in making unique perfumes which match the lifestyles and personalities of all clients

We are looking to hire Full-Stack JavaScript Developer:

A multi-disciplinary agile team including UX designer, user researcher, front-end developer, back-end developer, content designer, tech arch, delivery manager and service manager.
We are searching for a senior frontend developer for our 2.0 release of our B2B web-application.
You’ll develop an application which communicates with our microservices architecture, backend using a REST like API. During the development you’re supported by automated tests running.
Skills and Experience:
·        Extensive expertise in front end web development including HTML, JavaScript, CSS and working in frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation.
·        Experience of JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Vue).
·        Robust knowledge with RESTful api.
·        Build tools such as Grunt, Gulp.
·        Experience with source code control products such as BitBucket or Git.
·        Worked with user research to understand requirements.
·        Templating language such as Handlebars.